Welcome To Our Special Education Center in Ohio

There is hope. Change is possible. We can help.

We are brain-based, not drug-based

We address the underlying cause

We recognize that many childhood disorders are actually manifestations of a single underlying condition called Functional Disconnection – an imbalance in the connections and function between and within the hemispheres (sides) of your child’s brain

We measure and improve your child’s brain and body function on numerous dimensions

We create a program tailored precisely to your child’s needs

We work with children who struggle with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, High-functioning Autism, and many other learning challenges.

We support your family

We offer an encouraging environment where your child can develop while giving you continual real-time feedback, expert consultation and assistance

It all begins with the comprehensive assessment. Get the answers you have been searching for. Learn how we can help. Call today to get your assessment scheduled.

Mission Statement

To make the Brain Balance Program® available to as many children as possible so that each child may reach his or her greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential.